John Crestani Review – Super Affiliate System, Internet Jetset Deep Dive

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein

In this review we are going to go over two courses created by John Crestani, the Internet Jetset and the Super Affiliate System and how they differ. 

Internet Jetset, now known as Affiliate System Pro, is a twelve-week course that focuses on the various methods that affiliate marketers are able to profit from online ranging from beginner basics to Facebook advertising. 

Once you finish your training within Jetset, you have the opportunity to dive even further into how to run paid advertising campaigns using Facebook or native ads with his upsell program the Super Affiliate System. 

This is a much more specific and tailored system with exactly what a successful ad will look like and provides you with multiple landing page examples as well. 

I have used Facebook Ads and even native ads during my stint doing affiliate marketing, I have taken a lot of training courses and have even gone so far as hiring one on one mentorship to really “get under the hood” of what it all entails. 

I can say I have even made some money being an affiliate however I would much rather focus my efforts and energy on building my lead generation empire, which is currently making me a little over 45k every month in recurring income. 

I used this mentor program to learn the skills that have helped elevate my online business and it is the reason I will choose again and again lead generation over any other online money-making business model. 

I will go over the many reasons I feel it is the better option a little later but first I will be doing an Internet Jetset review (Affiliate System Pro) and a Super Affiliate System review all in one go. 

We will go over result expectations from these courses as well as showing you some examples of the types of ads I have actually used as an affiliat

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Who is John Crestani?

John has been at the forefront of many companies and has made millions as an affiliate. 

He has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and Affiliate Summit. He lives in L.A. and his expertise lies in internet marketing, business development, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and conversion optimization. 

So where is the John Crestani scam? 

Besides a few questionable choices early in life like getting kicked out of a university for a cheating scandal and short lived history as a medical test student; he has also claimed to have made a shit ton of money selling pseudo – scientific health medicines. 

We can try to decipher if the person or the course are scams based on the evidence in this John Crestani review.

Internet Jetset Review AKA Affiliate System Pro

Basically this is an affiliate marketing tutelage on how you can earn commissions by promoting offers on social media platforms or by creating review sites. For the most part the training is headed by none other than the creator himself. 

His larger than life personality may rub some people wrong but for the most part he covers his teachings using real world experiences, setting up websites, how-to tutorials, increasing your traffic, and earning huge profits. 

His program isn’t aimed at any particular type of person or marketer, rather its focus is on beginners to affiliate marketing. As I mentioned above, he does also offer a much more intense and advanced program. 

Your training lasts twelve weeks and covers a lot of topics every single day. Once inside you will gain access to everything your membership has to offer. Starting with the Online Business Blueprint. In which you will find the basics of affiliate marketing like how to automate your services and gain lots of traffic. 

You will also receive an introduction on what to expect during the whole duration of the course and the preferred mindset to put you on the path to success. 

You will also go through the process of choosing a niche and appropriate affiliate products you could use within that niche. You will also dive into:

  • Training on Google
    • You will be able to review website examples that will show you how to rank within Google keyword planner. You will learn about which keywords are the most profitable and which long tail keywords to rank for. Your examples are kind of obscure niches though and I am not entirely sure it’s possible to rank within the very first page of Google with just this training module. Personally, I use additional search engine optimization skills. Like building backlinks using a private blog I own, as it is much easier to grow and rank my local lead generation business this way. 
    • You usually need more training within backlinking when you do affiliate marketing, so I am surprised that there isn’t more training on this particular aspect of SEO within the course. 
  • Training on YouTube
    • Consistency is key. Have you heard that before? Definitely can be said for many aspects of life and in business the same is true especially when it revolves around the mega social platform that is YouTube. But how do you become an expert videographer when you are just starting out? What if you don’t even want to be on camera? What happens when you realize a huge chunk of your training and success of your business relies on this aspect of YouTube videos? Fear not, you don’t need to be a YouTube aficionado to be successful at affiliate marketing. I won’t lie to you though it does help tremendously. John just wants to cover as many bases with you as possible on what you can use to elevate your business. 
    • That being said if this is a route you choose to take, just making a couple videos on your YouTube page isn’t going to cut it. If you want to see real action and traction by using this method, you will need to commit to making a video and posting one every single day for 6 months to a year. It also helps to have content worth watching, having charisma on the screen, and coming across as approachable and knowledgeable; especially if your intention is to sell someone on something. 

You will also go through a training on how to optimize Facebook to be most advantageous to your affiliate marketing business. 

You will also be trained on how to build a website for your affiliate products from the ground up. This will include hosting, WordPress basics, customization, and setting up automatic email responders. 

One thing most beginners don’t realize with any online business is the importance of writing good copy. Being a badass copy writer takes a little bit of natural wordsmithing but is also a skill that can be taught. 

You want to be as captivating as possible to your audience while disclosing enough information that they are reeled in to want to investigate more but not feeling like they are being swindled into a scam. 

Once you have them within your funnel, your copy needs to be just as enticing so they go from being intrigued to taking the final leap into a converted client. They are ready, able, and willing to click that “buy now” button. 

So I am glad to see even the basics of this being taught here because it is something that should be mentioned in any sort of SEO training. 

You will also go over launch jacking. Essentially this is a process you will use on how to take advantage of upcoming traffic when you launch a brand- new product. 

  • Creating an authority review website 
    • Within this module you will be building an authority website for any one of the niches you chose to help generate a recurring income. There is a great introduction of the basics but it still didn’t really dig down deep enough. Mainly, there are a multitude of other advanced optimization skills a person must know that would require dominance over any niche with an authority that this training doesn’t even begin to discuss.

It’s not just about picking a non-competitive niche, blogging about it, and hoping that content will get you to the top of search engines anymore. One reason is because the internet is completely saturated with affiliate marketing right now. 

If you are not using everything in the specialized SEO tool belt, you’re not going to get anywhere within your preferred clients eyesight let alone on the first FEW pages of Google. 

Even this site you are on right now is an authority site, but I would be a damn fool if I thought just writing regularly was gonna get me anywhere near the top spot. What separates me from every other newbie is the fact I have mastered a specialized skill. 

An amateur will take a glance at this website and say, it’s all because he has long posts, that’s why his site is so successful. But, that’s far from the truth. 

One aspect of my site doing so well is my content, however, there is a long list of optimization that happens on the back end and beyond that you know nothing about; yet. It is that work that enables my sites to rank higher and higher within the ranks, ultimately claiming every top spot I aim for. 

Tens of thousands of backlinks come to this site with more coming in all the time. If you were to Google “backlink strategies” you most certainly would get a whole host of free advice, tips and tricks. 

There would be plenty of information out there on how to seek out guest blog opportunities or asking for links from other websites in and out of your niche. These are all techniques that you need to spend time researching, reaching out and asking, and then hoping and praying someone teaches you. 

What is needed and what I do and other experts like me create is sites of our own design to build backlinks to all of our other sites. 

That type of jedi training is just not covered within this John Crestani course. The training course I took on lead generation however, covers all of those specialized high end SEO strategies and more. 

The next module within the course is about running Facebook Ads for affiliates. This part is actually taught by a friend of John’s named Carlos Cruz. He is the one who will show you how to create, set up, and launch your Facebook campaigns as well as how to run affiliate offers on Facebook successfully. 

Carlos Cruz is the CEO behind the company CLICKTOOL. His specialty is helping marketers track their campaigns and maximize their return on investment. 

One of the key factors within Internet Jetset, is not that there is a John Crestani scam but that his course seems to be a little more than vague but just barely above bare minimum in terms of information. 

It really bugs the shit out of me when people put stuff like this together because on the outset they are essentially telling people “hey, if you follow this simple 5 step plan, you too could make $50 grand a month in a short period of time.” 

The biggest issue with that is they aren’t telling you that for every step there are so many mini steps. It’s not just about building a website. It’s building a website that people will actually fucking see that isn’t on page 6,000 on Google. 

It isn’t just about writing a bunch of fucking words on a website. It’s about creating engaging content that is optimized to the fullest but also adds value to not only your site but to your clients lives who read it. 

It’s not just about being an affiliate. It’s about being a trustworthy brand/company who is promoting products that will ultimately enrich their clients lives, needs, or wants. It is not just about making a video. 

It’s about consistently putting out media that is engaging in every single aspect that your clients will want to visit again and again just to hear what you have to say. These are not silly simple things. To say it’s just a few steps to glory is bullshit. 

Managing Facebook Ads takes time, patience, and money. On average I made maybe $2-3grand in profits while I was running my ad campaigns and that was with a one on one mentor. I was spending about 2-3 hours per day just in ad management. 

Some months I broke even (especially the winter months) which sucked because I was still spending the same amount of time on management. 

 My Final Thoughts on this Internet Jetset Review

This course is the beginner basics of what you need to learn to be an affiliate marketer. That being said, it is the basics in almost every aspect of what this business module entails. So even if you took the course you could then go out and gather more intel on any one part that was of interest. 

I wouldn’t expect anyone to come out of this course making big money with just this information alone. You would definitely be gaining additional help elsewhere in tandem to what you were learning here. 

Like I have said above though, I make the bulk of my money on my lead generation business. While I have dabbled in affiliate marketing and currently have a few lines of that income stream open I would say it only covers about four percent of my actual total income. 

The most frustrating aspect of this course is that most of the people coming into it will not understand exactly how much traffic you need on your sites to make any sort of profitable income from affiliate marketing. 

I wouldn’t say it is giving false information, but I will say it is a bit misleading, in its oversimplification and bare minimum approach.  Also insinuating that free social media strategies and Facebook promotions will garner immediate and worthwhile conversions is almost laughable. 

As previously mentioned, if you do not have some sort of high-level skill with search engine optimization techniques, building an authority site is going to be extremely challenging and will not offer the results you are wanting. 

The best way to gain the traffic you seek through this course’s training will be the information given in the paid Facebook Ads module and that wasn’t even taught by John! So take that for what you will. 

Can you make money running Facebook Ads with just this training though? Sure, just be prepared to have a large ad spend budget and know you will need to check the finicky nature of those types of ads multiple times a day, every day of your campaign. 

This would explain why there is an upsell to the Super Affiliate System. This should also let you in on the knowledge that to be successful with affiliate marketing you should also be very familiar with paid ads and the ins and outs of how and why they work. 

Even ranking a website is intense work for many novices and if you aren’t already making six figures a month then you really shouldn’t be trying to rank affiliate websites. 

My Super Affiliate System Review 

Here is where the more in-depth training comes into play. The Super Affiliate System takes about 6 weeks to complete and has over 50 hours of recorded video training on affiliate marketing. The core components are:

  • Developing the entrepreneur mindset
  • Choosing your niche and offers
  • Creating ad campaigns and structure
  • Developing effective copywriting
  • Weekly webinars
  • Scaling and automation

Here you will see the various landing pages that John and his team use as well as templates you could use. What kind of offers are the ones most likely to convert and the psychological triggers that will help you along with your amazing copywriting skills to consistently get sales. 

One of the most important things to remember when running paid advertising to your affiliate offers is that everything really needs to be perfectly aligned or you will easily overspend and won’t convert enough sales to actually see profits. Here is a list of things to note when creating your ads: 

  1. Choosing the perfect image
  2. Your ad copy
  3. A well-designed landing page
  4. An irrefutable offer

When I was going through the SAS training I created this Facebook Ad. {insert facebook ad image} 

Since this offer was for {insert whatever the ad is about}, this particular image worked really well to showcase the pain point of those in need of this service. As consumers we ultimately make our buying decisions based on two factors. 

One, we either want to move towards our pleasure or two, we want to move away from our pain. The copy you use within your ad strives to do the same thing. 

You don’t want to give everything away on the first glance, great copy is something that leaves your customers wanting more, it asks questions within their mind, it encourages your customers to want to find out more. 

It is important to note that it is not necessary to get that final offer completion on the initial landing page, you can try and bring them all the way to the offer itself. Another thing to consider is these types of ads are pretty aggressive in the sense that you are playing with emotional pressure points. 

So, if you don’t understand how to do this effectively and without hurting a ton of people’s feelings your ad will get shut down. So you will eventually need a system where you can access more Facebook Ad accounts constantly.

Enter the Native Ad

You know those picture advertisements you see on certain websites? Like this?

{enter picture of native ad}

Well, unbeknownst to you at the time of reading this, most of the images you see above would not pass Facebook’s terms of service. They would actually very quickly get you banned. 

The SAS course will give you a plan of action to create this style of ad campaign. There are a lot less restrictions on native ad campaign friendly platforms. There is a common saying in the business world to “model your success of those whom you aspire to be like.” 

I feel that sentiment will help you here as well. A great plan of attack when running your ads is to look at what your competition is doing and model that for yourself. 

Do not copy what they are doing but you can duplicate their success by putting your own spin on similar ads. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say I have enjoyed using paid ads, I mean it has made me some profits after all, however it is more a necessary evil at times. Ultimately though my bread and butter will always be lead generation.

Why Lead generation is the Key to Success

What makes the idea of paid traffic so appealing is the fact that you can start gaining digital foot traffic immediately which in turn allows you to scale at a much quicker rate. 

The issue with paid ads is that it is not exactly hands off, there is constant tweaking and manipulations to get you that “passive” income. It is very easy to overspend which could have you losing money instead of making it, if you can’t get those conversion numbers high enough to make it worth the time. 

Honestly, at this late stage in the affiliate game, things are changing so quickly that everyone is trying to get their leg up on their competition, and you really need to have a significant budget to even get in line. 

Not to mention, managing any number of ad accounts while you test and tweak and run numbers and test and tweak again, all at the same time. 

It can become a real time suck fairly quickly to maintain your ad performance and if you are doing that much work it doesn’t leave much time for any other aspect of your business. Whatever that may be, digitally or otherwise. 

Here is a little secret, Facebook Ads really fucking hate affiliate campaigns anyway and will terminate you for no discernable reason. It is just too inconsistent for me to justify the hassle of maintaining. 

That is why I prefer to stick with a stable and consistent profit flow from my lead generation business and lead gen sites. Need an example? I have a lawn care lead gen site that you can check out below. 

lead generation site that brings in 1000 dollars a month

It took me about 4 solid hours to build from start to finish as it was one of my first sites I built. Today, that site makes me 1,000 dollars every single month and I have barely touched it since I built it. 

That means from just that one site, I make $12,000 a year. 

Is it difficult to rank and leverage free traffic over paid traffic? A little but not as much as you think especially considering you are running into local rankings and not national because we’re generating leads for local businesses. 

Due to my 90-95% profit margin in lead generation, I will always recommend this as my number one option for anyone starting an online business venture. This is the mentor program I use. 

It is extremely friendly to beginner entrepreneurs and has all the tools and information you will need to build a successful online business. 

You will be given everything you could possibly need to start your very own lead generation empire today. There’s no general, basic information here. Just a well-planned and thorough education. Invest in your education and invest in yourself. 

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