MindValley and Lifebook Review – Is Jon Butcher legit?

MindValley and Lifebook

“ If you could design your life, exactly the way you want it to be, what would it look like? What kind of work would you be doing? How would your body look and feel? Who would you wake up next to? What kind of impact would you be making on the world?” – Jon Butcher

These are the questions Jon and his wife Missy want you to ask yourself; in hopes of illuminating you to the possibility of altering your current lifestyle. 

Jon Butcher has joined forces with the holistic learning platform, MindValley, to bring you the ultimate course in self-discovery, called The Lifebook Quest. 

The Jon Butcher Lifebook program which will traverse the many different areas of life, is divided into twelve specific categories. 

The techniques and tools offered in the course allow attendees to take a deep introspective study into a voyage of introspection to bring to light real strides they must accomplish to design and enjoy their greatest life.

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jon butcher mind valley reviews

Who is Jon Butcher and what is MindValley

Jon Butcher is a personal development coach and entrepreneur. 

He has initiated multiple businesses over the course of his life and his most notable current ventures are: Purity Organic Coffee – high in antioxidants and free of contaminants, The Black Star Project – changing the conversation surrounding addiction, he is the present Chairman of the Board for Precious Moments Collectibles, and of course the creator of Lifebook. 

MindValley brings the latest cutting edge techniques and teachers from around the world into a new learning platform. 

They put the focus on helping determine a person’s quality of life, relationships, health, mindset, and overall well being.

The Lifebook Review

Lifebook online is the world’s premier lifestyle design system. It’s a 6 week process where you literally write a book all about you.

The kind of life you envision for yourself doesn’t happen by chance but through a conscious effort. Lifebook gives you the keys to success, wealth, love, growth, well being, and sense of purpose.

It empowers you to stop letting life happen to you, it forces you to quit being a bystander and take control of your life instead.  

The class is only offered twice a year and after committing to the program you are put into a community of other “questers” to help you connect and relate to along the journey. 

During the six week period you will delve into twelve categories to help you take control of your life.

Health and Fitness, Intellectual, Emotional, Character, Spiritual, Love Relationships, Parenting, Social, Career, Financial, Quality of Life, and Life Vision.

Within every category you are ultimately asked the same four questions:

  1. What are your empowering beliefs around this category?
  2. What is your ideal vision?
  3. Why do you want that?
  4. How will you achieve that?

If you have a lot of things you want to achieve but have no idea where to begin, if you find yourself stuck in a habit loop, moving but not making progress then it’s time for you to become a quester! 

You and other questers will no longer struggle with a lack of clarity or direction. Lifebook is the ONE personal developmental experience that is all about you. 

You will never experience anything as tailor made as this to your life goals; because you are literally the one mapping out your life’s masterpiece.

Jon Butcher and his lifebook reviews believe that the easy blueprint that his wife Missy and he have been using for years is the way to grasping one’s complete vision for themselves. 

For a long time, John and Missy captivated others with a certainty of true fulfillment and happiness, that had others questioning, how do they do it? How are they so happy together?

What are they doing different from me? It would seem that every goal, every dream and ambition they set for themselves they dominated.

They claim that most people have an oversight to the most crucial points in their lives that require support for us to evolve into the truest version of ourselves. 

We have programmed ourselves to think that our ultimate key to fulfillment is through career success and financial gain. 

We stick to the status quo because it is A) our comfort zone and we don’t want to rock the boat or B) a part of us feels we are less than deserving or what we envision is truly unattainable.

However, the many lifebook reviews will tell you that when you are able to change your mindset and work towards your vision every day you truly can alter the trajectory of your life.

How I Changed the Trajectory of My Life By Earning Multiple 6 Figures Online

Now the Jon Butcher Lifebook course will set you back $500. If you fully complete the course you will be eligible for a full refund. 

If you don’t opt for the refund you have the opportunity to continue to the next course “Lifebook Mastery” for $1 dollar. Which, let’s be honest is pretty freaking cool. 

However, I’m not here to bullshit you guys and after writing this Lifebook review, what I’ve realized is I’ve essentially paid someone $500 to help me organize my own journal into a comprehensive flow that helps me better understand my own train of thought! 

What in the actual fuck. I may have come out with a better understanding of myself and what I want out of life but I still have not made any progress to obtaining that. 

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