Legendary Marketer Review – is David Sharpe’s course worth it?


“Your income is directly related to your philosophy, NOT the economy.” – Jim Rohn

Online marketing is not some fly by the seat of your pants type deal. You need a plan of attack. Or at least some semblance of an idea of where you want to be.

If you are unsure of how to begin, then let’s help open a few doors for you, shall we?

There is a program you need to be aware of called Legen……wait for it……dary Marketer. Get it?!

Let’s refocus; Legendary Marketer is a complete educational resource on how you can build a successful online business by promoting LM itself or by promoting any of its products or any products in general using paid ads and by starting a YouTube Channel.

In the world of Legendary Marketer you will be using one free channel and one paid channel. This educational platform has become quite popular because it is a high-ticket program that offers high commissions for its own products.

Generally speaking David Sharpe suggests that high ticket products are the best way to go if you want to create a highly profitable and sustainable business.

In this Legendary Marketer review we will go over every aspect of the Legendary Marketer program and how it could transform your skills from average to legendary.

We will comb through the whole Legendary Marketer sign up process and at the end of this article you will feel like an expert on all it has to offer. The world of online marketing can be extremely complicated and overwhelming, remember earlier we were talking about having a plan?

Legendary Marketer will provide you with a clearer vision of what you need.

Their goal isn’t just about teaching you the ropes, their goal is to also help you make money, so they offer The Legendary Affiliate Program, while you are going through the course! The affiliate program is verified legit and is a fantastic resource to help you make commission early on.

And they are allowing you to keep more than fifty percent of that!! So even if there is nothing to gain from the course itself, you have an opportunity to make some serious cash with their affiliate program. If you are successful with affiliate marketing that is.

So really this makes Legendary Marketer a double whammy with their instant commission affiliate programs and their actual marketing course.

As we all quickly learn within the realm of online marketing though; never jump into something based on hype alone. I’m also here to help you make a decision on if there is a Legendary Marketer scam or not.

So my advice to you before jumping into any program is make sure you have equal proof. That’s my goal, to help show you some proof of profits.

You know when I was first getting into the digital world one of the first businesses I started was lead generation, lead gen sites in particular. I did this simply because I wanted passive income but also because I wanted to keep 100 PERCENT of my profits.

It is simple in its methodology; you provide a lead connection from a buyer to a service provider. You create the sites, you own the sites, you rank the sites, you rent the sites. Very similar to an AirBnB model.

A strong check mark in the PROs box for lead generation is that you own what you market and how that passive income gets divided, which would be a check in the CONs box for affiliate programs where you do not have as much control over those factors.

I realized lead generation was definitely where I wanted to focus my energy within my digital business shortly after working at it just as a part time gig because I was able to get to $6,000/mo recurring in just under six months.

All of that thanks to this local lead gen coaching program and my plan quickly became retiring from the military shortly after I hit that number. Between my newfound business and my accident, it wasn’t too difficult of a decision to make.

As of now I make over $50k every single month from lead gen business and I don’t work HALF as hard as I did while active in the military.

If all of this sounds like something you might be interested in, by all means feel free to check it out here.

I say all of this to let you know if after your research and even this (very thorough) review; you are not sure if Legendary Marketer is the path for you, there is still something out there that can and will provide you with your dream life. I am proof and at the end of this you can find out more or click here now.

You ready to dive in? Sweet, now……

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Legendary Marketer Review – is David Sharpe’s course worth it?

Who TF Is David Sharpe?

David Sharpe may have a story very familiar to a lot of us. He wasn’t necessarily a bad kid but a misunderstood one. He grew up during a time when children with high energy and easily distracted focus were considered major disruptors that needed constant reprimanding and even isolation. 

Maybe, even too smart for their own good but because their answers don’t match up with how “your supposed” to do it, they got shunned. All that time isolated left him without healthy social skills or even coping emotional skills. 

So in his early teens he found his way along with the help of drugs and alcohol, quickly stumbling along the path of early fatherhood and heroin addiction all before the age of twenty. And for 10 years this was the path of David Sharpe. 

What was the catalyst to change his future? I’m not sure but somewhere around his thirties he discovered digital marketing, has done over $200 million dollars in online sales, and now we know him as an amazing educator trying to bring success to the masses. 

Within the Legendary Marketer manifesto there is a small paragraph that I think ultimately brings his journey and so many others full circle and that is to be successful in digital marketing you also need to require some life skills as well as a comprehensive education. 

Their focus is to help teach you the machinations of razor-sharp management, sales, and marketing skills without shortening you on the importance of learning about your productivity, self-care, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

That is a motto I can get behind and he not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He regularly hosts events and talks and his over 300,000 students are a true testament to his knowledge, delivery, and skills. 

There are a few things David Sharpe absolutely stands by in terms of what makes a successful business.

  1. To have high leverage, you must have a high-ticket item
  2. It must be a location independent business you can do from anywhere at any time
  3. It must be an online business with minimal overhead and start up headaches. This is what will bring in fast profits
  4. It must be E.L.F. Easy, Lucrative, and Fun
  5. It must not be H.A.L.F. Hard, Annoying, Lame, and Frustrating (my new favorite acronym)

So now the question remains, does the quality of this course match the transformative reputation of its creator? 

Is Legendary Marketer Worth The Hype?

What is their goal? To help people build their own business or expand upon their existing business into bigger and brighter things. As I said above it’s not just about the business side of things with these guys however, it’s about a holistic approach to your life, livelihood, and mental well-being. 

Within its core Legendary Marketer is primarily different video trainings. There are also weekly webinars done LIVE and the higher end offerings are Mastermind fully immersive events. This is not just a single course but a compilation of multiple resources for you to build upon. 

It’s more like a spiderweb of resources, with tons of products and courses to pick from. For the average on-looker they will take this course at face value and see it as a general way to make a little cash while also gaining marketing knowledge. 

For many who have had access to this that is exactly what they did based on their Legendary Marketer reviews. The exciting aspect of this is the duality; an educational resource and a commissionable affiliate program. 

So you will get to test out your knowledge and skills in real time with the exact methods you are learning. No quicker way to figure out if it is working or not and if it’s wasting your time. 

I understand this is not groundbreaking, there are a multitude of programs that provide similar services. However, there are also a lot of pretty sketchy business models out there, I know because I’ve reviewed some but Legendary Marketer is legit. 

It should be noted that this is a single level affiliate program. 

Meaning you do not earn commission from the sales of your referrals. Example: in other models you are encouraged to have more people join under you and have people join under them, and thus gaining commission of varying levels from each tier of referral teams you have. 

That is NOT the case with LM; every person is all on the same tier. There are less opportunities for shady practices within LM because of it.

What Is Inside Legendary Marketer?

What exactly are you learning in this program? What type of education are they providing here? In this legendary marketer review, I’m here to answer those questions and due to the affiliate nature of their program these are important questions to ask.

You will be absorbing and learning the information yourself yes, but you will also be trying to promote and sell them. Which makes them equally important and necessary that they are of high value. 

You will be learning the needed skills to promote them as well as to provide your customers with an amazing overall experience. So, let’s jump into everything you will be receiving from this opportunity. 

Legendary Marketer is actually made up of many different products so what you get as a customer depends on which products you purchase. 

As of right now you can only join Legendary Marketer through a few product funnels. There is the Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook, the Copywriters Playbook, the 15 Second Free Leads, and lastly the 15 Day Challenge.

So what’s in the eBook? There used to be a physical book you could purchase but due to the very nature that is digital marketing it quickly became outdated, so now there is an eBook called the Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing. This product will cost you $1.99 and gives people an introduction to Legendary marketer. 

There is also the CopyWriters Playbook which is about a buck!! We all know having solid copy is what can make or break a conversion so understanding how to hone this skill and convert your leads to paying customers is crucial to the success of any business! This is an eight-video module course that helps you with various aspects of creating copy. 

Then there is the 15 Second Free Leads course. There may be some controversy around the platform TikTok as a whole, but no one can debate its viral capacity and swift power to bring creators to the forefront of its communities. 

You can gain a lot of traction in a very short time and if you’re making 15 second videos, this could quickly be a conversion tactic if you’re comfortable in front of a camera. 

You will be watching recorded video training from four of Legendarys’ affiliates who have actually used TikTok to leverage their business with proven results. Again at $1, it is well worth it if you know that could be a platform you could dominate. 

For $7 dollars you can purchase the 15 Day Challenge as a standalone product or if you go through any of the three offers above you will gain access to the challenge for free. 

As the name suggests you will have videos and actionable steps for 15 straight days but you will also get a coach who can help answer any questions you may have along the way.

Only after completing one of the above products will you have access to become a member of the Legendary Marketing Club, so once you are in, what exactly do you gain access to?

  • The Legendary Marketing Club – $30/month
    • One of the first things you will experience as a member is their flagship product. Every month you will enjoy a fresh new set of trainings on a plethora of marketing subjects like: how to operate an online business, marketing skills and sales tricks. This program is geared more towards the beginner and intermediate level marketers
    • You will receive 15 modules. After the first 5 you will receive a personal coach who will help walk you through the remaining 10 modules
    • Every month there is also a release of a new class. Meaning you are literally always getting fresh, current training with your membership. David Sharpe has compared this aspect of his subscription service to that of Netflix
    • You will receive a 3-page done for you sales funnel that has a proven success rate for generating leads. You will also receive D4U video ads you can use to promote your business. Even D4U ad copy to help you even more. As well as D4U email follow up sequences

So what’s nice about this is that you are being fed new information consistently but slowly. You will go through a step by step process but won’t be completely overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at you because it is being paced and funneled in a specific manner. 

This particular portion can be a chill or super high ride, depending on your personal level and goals and again you can take it as is just for you to use or you can use it as an affiliate offer!

  • The Traffic Rolodex Bundle – $247
    • If there is one thing all internet businesses can agree on it’s that gaining traffic is the key to success. It is absolutely one of the most important aspects in gaining sales conversions and for the most part the everyday person has no idea how to get traffic to their site. For those who try to pay their way to traffic they are gaining the worst possible kind; many of which are bots, that aren’t even a physical person!
    • With this bundle you will be gaining access to methods of operating traffic systems used with Facebook, YouTube, and other sources. There is no need to think you will be losing money here with Facebook Ads, because this system offers you a one-on-one expert that works with its members to lead them step by step through proven traffic generation methods
    • You will learn the process of creating a landing page that converts and follows all regulations depending on the various platforms you will be using. (i.e. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
    • In this bundle you will actually receive an 8-module course. While it is a tad more expensive than the LM Club it is also a one-time fee and not a subscription service. Again, once you pay your fee you are still provided with regular updates to the curriculum and new lessons and courses that are added.

There is a super secret method that they share in terms of how to gain continuous traffic by choosing three specific niche groupings that will always be a growing and “hot” niche.

  1. Health
    1. Weight loss
    2. Personal growth
    3. Addiction
    4. Diabetes
  1. Wealth
    1. Make money opportunities
    2. Investing
    3. Trading stocks
    4. Software
  1. Relationships
    1. Dating
    2. Marriage
    3. Parenting

**If you choose something within these “magic” niches you will surely have a leg up on your competition in terms of constant traffic flow


  • The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – $2,500 
    • Now for the buzzword of the century within the entrepreneurial community – PASSIVE INCOME. This is where you wanna be as an entrepreneur right? Making money while you sleep, and one of the most common ways to accomplish this is with affiliate marketing
    • This is a complete system to build your own affiliate marketing business from the ground up. You will be taught how to choose your products, how to choose the right affiliate programs to earn you money quickly through this course. This would be the prime time to start earning your way through LM as well. Really putting the pedal to the metal and getting started within the affiliate world correctly
    • Downside? Price. This particular course is a lot more than the other courses I’ve listed so far

There is something I have enjoyed with the blueprint and that is with the video training, you are also given a written PDF and mp3 to review offline. On the fifth day of the challenge you will have the opportunity to purchase the Blueprint Starter package where you will get access to all 4 blueprints. 

A super cool offering with this bundle is something called a Decade in a Day, which is a whole day virtual workshop. 

You will get a complete walkthrough of a 5-step affiliate formula for setting up a Facebook Ad. At the end of that training day you get all the ad copy and all the images to run that very same campaign for yourself!

I have definitely spent some time traveling down the road of affiliate marketing so I know the ins and outs pretty well at this point and one thing I have learned is that if you are new to this business model it is extremely difficult if you don’t have two things. 

One is money, it can take a lot of capital to be successful with this. Two is time, you will need a lot of patience to make this work. For the most part, if you have the capital you don’t HAVE to worry about the time but if you don’t have the funds I hope you have loads of time to put into this.

I am not knocking affiliate programs at all, in actuality the passive income I make in my lead generation business has been used more than a time or two to help fund affiliate efforts. 

I’ve used my lead gen money to take mastermind sessions or additional coaching courses; I have even gone through a few stacks to get some one on one time with an expert within the field. 

The goal is to reduce your bottom line and even though I have gotten to several thousand recurring with affiliate marketing, it took a while to get there and that has been with a paid ad or two. Gaining that profit on free traffic alone would be a much better hustle for a beginner. 

If you are wanting that damn near 100 percent profit takeaway without a bunch of capital or time being sucked away from living your life, then check out the same coaching program I have used to make thousands in passive income every month with FREE traffic.

Now onto the next LM product:

  • The Digital Product Business Blueprint – $2,500
    • Here is another high price point item that does not squander on valuable information
    • Seeing as how digital products are by far some of the most profitable products you can sell on the web it makes sense to have a whole course created around how to do so successfully
    • Having something you don’t actually have to package and ship but still sell? Yeah, let’s figure out the best way to sell an online course, a PDF, an eBook, or educational lesson series. They also fall under the passive income category. Once you initially create your product and launch it, it has the potential to make you money over and over again on something you just had to do once
    • The selling point of this particular course within LM, is that while it gives you all the tools to build a digital product/business it also goes over the various platforms that digital products can be formatted in. Podcasts, video lessons, written guides, webinars are just a few examples of tools to add to your toolbelt
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $2,500
    • Are you ready to achieve the same success as David Sharpe? Are you ready to be the expert others come to within your chosen field? Are you ready to take on the role of a coach and start consulting? Then this is the program for you. This program shows you how to not only brand your products but brand yourself
    • You will be taught how to make the most convincing pitches and can’t miss offers as well as how to actually provide your services and get you started on establishing working relationships and building trust.
    • Lastly, how you can scale your business and build your empire. 
    • The bonus with this course is the lack of technical skills needed. You will be given everything you need and most steps can be maneuvered with free apps and services like Skype and PayPal. Whether you are a student or use this as part of your affiliate program, this would be a great course to have in your back pocket.
  • The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – $2,500
    • This course is for those who are ready to hit the stage and take their expertise to the masses with your very own inspirational “TED” talk.
    • You will be taught how to plan and profit from hosting your own event. Some lessons included will be on how to save money, cutting costs, hiring the right people and delegating jobs. An incredibly important and often forgotten part of the process is actually creating a fun and conducive learning environment for others, so I am glad this is something they go over as well.
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind
    • You will receive an in-person mastermind training and loads of health, wealth, and wisdom hacks. You will gain tips and performance strategies to help create and protect your wealth and to become the best version of yourself. 
    • You will gain a lifetime membership to the 3-day mastermind events. 
    • You are allowed one guest who is not already a LM member. After your first event then it’s a $250 non-refundable deposit for you and your guest.
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience
    • For those that are committed to living life at levels few can experience.
    • You will be taken to an exotic location outside of the United States. There will be multiple opportunities to network and have fun with some of the world’s top online marketers.
    • You receive ONE YEAR membership to Dave Sharpe’s personal coaching group and FOUR additional exclusive VIP days after all Legendary events and masterminds.

Like I said above Legendary Marketer offers many products so ultimately the total cost will depend on what you choose to purchase. To help you with your decision here is a more complete price breakdown:

  • 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge – $7
  • Legendary Marketer Book – $9.95
  • Legendary Marketer’s Club – $30/month
  • Traffic Rolodex – $247
  • Affiliate Business Blueprint – $2,500
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2,500
  • Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint – $2,500
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint – $2,500
  • Marketer Mastermind – $8,000
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind – $12,000
  • DFY Brand Builder – $10,000
  • DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle – $15,000
  • Legendary Leadership Group – $30,000

Now while technically there are no discounts there are some upsells that can save you some change. If you choose to pay the yearly fee for the Marketers Club you’ll receive it for $179 which is almost a 50% in savings. 

If you decide to purchase the Blueprint Mastermind bundle you have FREE access to Traffic University which is a course that would normally cost $1,497. 

We have talked again and again about how LM is an affiliate program so how do these affiliate programs actually work and is it a Legendary Marketer scam? 

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

You are able to become an affiliate for any of the courses offered and with the way each course is structured it really makes it easy for amateurs and vets alike to promote. So if you are new to the world of affiliate marketing your best bet would be to start with a low range item like the Legendary Marketer membership.

With its relatively low monthly fee, this should be an easy program for you to promote. If you have had your teeth wet already within this realm then the higher ticket items may be more your speed. 

For instance, you could start with selling things like the Legendary Marketer affiliate book, or the Copywriter’s Playbook, or their TikTok training called 15 Second Free Leads. All of these products are under $2 dollars. 

This makes it insanely easy to introduce your audience to how LM works and will surely provide you with conversions since they’re low ticket items. 

Once your audience has been hooked into your funnel, they are automatically introduced to the higher ticket items such as the Business Blueprint during their 15 Day Challenge, which as you now know will bring you a hefty commission if they decide to purchase. 

The added bonus is you are able to use LM’s very own sales teams to help you close on those deals! Either way when you are making 60% commission, that’s a pretty solid deal to keep at it. So to get you set up, LM will give you their complete funnels for all of their front end products. 

If you are familiar with ClickFunnels, you are able to seamlessly integrate those funnels into your account. This gives you the freedom to also customize the funnels you like most and you will be able to use a third-party email service. 

Of course you can also just use standard affiliate links to promote your offers. LM affiliate links support being able to add a tracking ID, which will let you track where and how your sales are coming in. 

If your email autoresponder is Aweber, GetResponse, or SendLane you will be able to directly integrate them in your backend. Which would then allow you and/or Legendary Marketer to follow up with your leads! 

Now Legendary does not automatically accept everyone who applies. 

They prefer people with experience who can promote their products properly. To even send in an application you will have to complete the entire 15 Day Challenge and must have completed at minimum two calls with your business advisor. 

Even after that there is no guarantee you will be accepted. While you can promote as an affiliate for free once you are actually part of the program, there is also a Pro level. 

You will have to pay about $30 dollars a month to be a part of the Pro plan but this is the level that actually allows to take advantage of those 40-60% commission payouts.  

So how do these commissions actually look in terms of dollars?

With the Legendary Marketers Club you earn 60% which is about $18 every month in residual income. For the Traffic Rolodex you also earn 60% but that is only a one-time payout at $28. With the Invisible Influencer you earn 40% and also receive a one-time payout of $400. The Legendary Builder Masterclass is a 40% commission and a one-time payment of $1,000 dollars. The Legendary Leader Masterclass is a one-time payment of $2,000 dollars at a 40% commission. Going into the higher ticket products like Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($3,200), Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($4,800), and Legendary Lifestyle Experience ($12,000) all one-time payouts at 40% commission. 

Why are the higher ticketed products all at 40%? The reason for that is, on the core and specialty products a coach will be the one helping close the sales on the affiliate’s behalf and so 20% of that sale will be given to the coach. 

So if you buy into any of the blueprints or are able to become an affiliate the very first section they put you through is their compliance training, which can be quite intense. 

Basically, they say you CANNOT use any high income claims in any of your ads and your income disclaimers have to be used on every sales page. They have a whole team that is constantly screening their affiliates to remain compliant. 

They are very strict with what their affiliates can use in their promotions. They do offer you full support via email and phone though.

All of this is amazing stuff but sometimes you just need a little face to face stimulation and interaction to really get the juices pumping and David Sharpe Legendary Marketer has a few options for you to choose from:

  1. Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $8,000 one-time fee for those who are looking for the newest and state of the art methodologies being created today. This one-time fee also gains you a lifetime membership to Legendary Marketer. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a “seat deposit fee” which is a deeply discounted ticket for any future masterminds and events. 
  2. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind – at $12,000, this is significantly more than any other offering and is also focused on how to be smart with your money. Obviously, this is geared towards those who have a significant amount of disposable income at this point in their careers. This mastermind brings in a lot more brain power than just David, as he showcases many other experts to shed their skills and knowledge on how best to protect your wealth as an entrepreneur. Again this fee provides you lifetime access and deeply discounted future event tickets.  

My Final Say

There are a lot of Legendary Marketer reviews out there giving the impression that Legendary is a scam. LM is super professional, ethical, and compliant. The training is truly filled with value and if you choose to be an affiliate you can be proud knowing you’re promoting a stand-up product. 

I really like the fact that this program is constantly being updated. Courses are being filtered and changed, transitioned out all together for something more current or just updating video examples. 

I truly think if you are going to invest in something with your ultimate prize being an affiliate marketer shark, this would be the program to do it in. 

You know a big reason Legendary Marketer is immensely successful and why its affiliates can make a lot of money is because they follow a simple three step system. 

  1. Get more customers
  2. Do repeat business with those customers
  3. Sell high ticket products to those customers

While this may be simple in theory it may not be so simple in execution. That being said, there is a little bit (well if I’m fair, more than a little bit) of information for every type of person out there. 

The courses are filled to the brim with viable and valuable information that you can use immediately and can quite literally take to the bank if you join their affiliate program.

There is also a disclosure statement at the bottom of every page within this site

“This is not a get rich program nor do we believe in overnight success. We believe in hard work, integrity, and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially. As stipulated by law, we do not and cannot make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our affiliate program, information, tools, or strategies.”

This program truly is an education platform to put you on the right path to where you want to be and the only person who is in charge of that is you by putting in the work.

Why Is Lead Generation Still My #1 Recommendation?

Legendary Marketer is a great program and honestly, a fantastic opportunity as far as becoming an affiliate due to a 60% commission off of their products. Here is the thing though, if I am working to sell something I want 100 % of those profits or as damn near close to that as I can get.

While there is an undeniable high that comes with the rush of selling, I most certainly prefer the lead generation business and in particular lead generation sites because that is something I created that I will always own. 

An individual site can bring me as little as $750 a month. However, that site I built, I own, and I ranked. I can create multiple sites within a few weeks and have each one rented for $500 up to a few thousand (that’s my highest one).

This high-income skill set is taught INSIDE our coaching program, which you can check out here.

Take a look at this one:

lead generation site that brings in 1000 dollars a month

I’m making a little over $50k/mo these days and my expenses are minimal to say the least. To be exact, my profit margin in this business is about 85-90% every month. 

Next month I will make just as much or more, depending on if I want to build more sites on top of the ones I currently have.  What I enjoy most is that each one of my sites is going to continue to perform year after year with very little maintenance from me. 

For me, having that type of passive income is truly providing me the lifestyle I want with the freedom to live it. Because my sites do so well my clients remain with me for the long run, why leave, when I am consistently delivering warm leads to their business and they didn’t have to lift a finger to get them. 

Other than to pay me of course 😊

Since I am also the owner and creator of each of my LG sites, if my current client on that site goes sour for any reason, their competitor is just a phone call away. I will never lose money from that site because it’s always generating leads and there will always be a business wanting to grow their clientele. 

I am providing a consistent influx of sales so they continue to pay for my services month after month. I can make money by either selling individual leads to businesses or renting the whole site to businesses, either way that is consistent income not just every month but every year. 

This is easily scalable and can lead you to a 6-figure income within months. That is not a false promise either, I own multiple sites around multiple cities, in a wide range of niches. Which is the beautiful thing. There are no geographic limitations here. I’m from George but I have sites and clients all over the US.

Oh and it’s not just limited to the US. This can be done around the world!

I have been able to take my monthly income from the breadcrumbs the military paid me to over 50k per month with my lead generation business using this exact skillset. 

I talked above about how you needed time and money to make it as an affiliate but with my lead generation sites I have the time to be with my family and do the things I enjoy most. 

I also have the money to travel anywhere in the world at any time and no longer have to live with the fear of being “one paycheck away” from my whole world crumbling around me. The world is changing in unexpected ways and almost everyone is going through a tough time in some way. 

Lead generation is going to be the key to unlocking your future and can change your life and not just metaphorically. 

If you are here, reading this, you have that entrepreneurial spirit. The drive that won’t let you be OK with just being OK, if you choose lead generation as your primary or even secondary goal you will be astonished at how far it can take you. 

Discovering lead generation changed my whole damn life (and my family’s) and I am positive it can be the equivalent for you. It truly will help you create a successful, sustainable business, that will give you passive income so you can finally have financial freedom and time freedom. 

This coaching program and this process will give you a no fail guide to success as long as you’re willing to put in some work and energy. 

Passive income is the true answer to long-term success. I think we can all agree on that!

If you are ready to make real passive income money moves then this lead generation program is one you should at least take a look at!

Lead Generation

#1 Money Making Choice

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